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Custom Shop + ASAH update:

We’ve had a major realization in 2022… Any Scent, Any Hold is just too much work. Hand crafting almost 1,000 jars in one weeks time is nearly impossible and there’s too much room for error. So… what’s this mean? No more ASAH? God no. We’re gonna make MORE custom products in 2023! In fact, our site will soon be Custom Shop ONLY and will be dedicated to matching the perfect product to YOUR hair goals.

But where will I get the classic Lockhart’s products? No need to fear, we will have links to all of our retailers around the world to make buying Lockhart’s even easier! We also have 4 Amazon sellers geared up and ready to fill all orders for the classic Lockhart’s products! We’ve realized, Amazon is the king of fulfillment, king of cheap (ie: FREE) shipping, and it’s where many of our customers already turn when we’re out of stock on items. So we’re going to leverage the logistical powerhouse that is Amazon to save you money AND time!

This gives our brew masters the ability to focus on what they do best, create kickass products! And I will be able to do what I love most: craft one of a kind products for all of you!

Should be a fun year don’t ya think?

-Steve Lockhart

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