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Phenom Cream Tonic (8 oz bottle)

Pre-style / Post-style / Cut aid

Water Based / Water Soluble

HOLD: Firm/Weightless
SHINE: Matte
TEXTURE: High Volume/ Moderate Texture

  • Top : Mint, Green Apple, Lemon

  • Mid : Tonka, Ambroxan

  • Base : Vanilla, Cedar, Oakmoss, Vetiver

Phenom derives its name from the fact that although it was created to be a post and pre styling product, it also has added benefits for barbers while cutting their clients hair. Not only is it exceptional at assisting barbers in creating textured styles, it can also be applied before a haircut to aid in clipper cuts and scissor cuts, providing a smooth, but structured hair base for the tools to glide through.

Great for short textured hairstyles, or longer flowing hairstyles
Great for back bars (barbers, no more sticky jars of pomade clogging up your shelf space)

Unique Characteristics:

Water Based: Fully water soluble for hassle free performance.
Pre Styler: Provides added structure for high textured styles. Post Styler: Can be used as a final styling product for flowing styles. Barber Aid: Provide a smooth and structured hair base for barber tools to glide through with ease.

Apply one pump of Phenom to your hair at a time, applying from back to front, being sure to get to the roots. Brush through the product to ensure even coverage. Apply medium heat with a blow dryer to get hair flowing the desired direction. Once hair is flowing the right way, apply cold air to lock the style into place.

Bonus: Using Phenom as a prestyler can add additional volume and texture to other hair products as well.

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