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Barber Spotlight #2: Austin Buice - Lockhart's Authentic

Barber Spotlight #2: Austin Buice

Austin Buice- First Cut Barbers, Jacksonville, FL


Hello everyone, Randy here back with another interview for our Barber Spotlight Series. This time I've brought on Austin Buice of First Cut Barbers out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Randy (Lockhart's): Austin, first off thank you for taking the time out of your day to speak with me. Tell us a little about yourself; how did you get into barbering? How long have you been in your trade?


Austin: I started cutting hair a year and a half ago. I learned from one of my sergeants during my time in the United States Army. This struck my interest, and after I was medically discharged from the military I went to barber school and got my first job barbering at First Cut Barbers, where I am today.

Randy (Lockhart's): Tell us a little about the shop. Where are you located? What's the style of the shop? Are there any special services offered?

Austin: We are located at 625 N Julia St. in Jacksonville, Florida. Our shop has been open for about two years and has a very traditional, old school, original barber shop feel to it. We like to keep it simple to pay homage to where the trade started and avoid the new contemporary trends of some shops. To match this, we offer classic hot towel, straight razor shaves, just like the old shops used to.

Randy (Lockhart's): What kinds of things are talked about around your shop with your clients?

Austin: One main topic that everyone usually discusses in Jaguar's football when the season rolls around. When I'm cutting hair though, I like to listen to what the client has to say and their stories, and as I get to know the client more, I have different unique conversations across many topics with each client.

Randy (Lockhart's): Have you had a customer tell you any crazy or strange stories while you were giving them a haircut?


Austin: One time I had a client come by the shop right after he was out of work to come get his hair cut. He was telling me how that night he couldn't go out on a date with his wife like he had wanted to. The reason being is because this girl he was seeing on the side didn't want him to go out with her that night. The even stranger part is that the wife was ok with that, and let him spend time with her instead. So they had an open relationship where the wife and the girl on the side had to negotiate to get their time with him as they wanted.

Randy (Lockhart's): Have you had any celebrities or notable people come by the shop to get their hair cut?

Austin: I did have a guy come in once who was an offensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I can't remember his name off the top of my head, but he came in with a posse of his friends. It was a cool experience getting to cut hair for someone like that.

Randy (Lockhart's): Do you have any hobbies or other passions outside of barbering?


Austin: I am an avid surfer and I enjoy scuba diving along the ocean as well. I also love going to the gym and getting in a good workout.

Randy (Lockhart's): Do you have any closing remarks you'd like to make?

Austin: I'd just like to say for anyone who is interested in barbering, definitely pursue it. It is great, I love what I do and what you put into it will pay off. Just follow your dreams to find what you love doing.

We would like to thank Austin again for taking the time out of his schedule to do an interview with us. If you are in the Jacksonville area and would like to book an appointment with Austin, you can call (904)-779-7963, or stop in the shop located at 625 N Julia St. in Jacksonville, Florida. Stay tuned for more barber spotlights to see more unique barbers form across the world!


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