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SUPER SECRET: 420 LIMITED - Best Budz E.D.P. *Goonja Blast* Fragrance Spray - Lockhart's Authentic

SUPER SECRET: 420 LIMITED - Best Budz E.D.P. *Goonja Blast* Fragrance Spray

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2 Pack Best Budz / Oil Based Pomade Gateway Dr*g 

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SCENT: Best Budz Goonja Blast

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Elemi, Brazilian Orange, Bergamot
Mid notes:
Cannabis, Rose, Saffron, Cinnamon
Base notes:
Vetiver, Vanilla, Tobacco, Musk

We've finally harnessed the sweet dank fragrance of cannabis and combined it with just the right blend of spices, florals, and a hint of citrus in order to create one of the most unique smelling E.D.P. fragrances you've ever experienced.

It doesn't smell DANK.

It smells DAMN GOOD. A big fresh burst of spices and citrus hits your nose first then slowly dries down into the mid notes of a touch of cannabis with a really nice blast of rose and saffron to smooth out the scent. It ends with a smooth blend of spices, vetiver, and tobacco for the rest of the day.

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